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Research Overview

We aim to design and develop new medical devices that support health and wellness of individuals and patients. Our research spans the entire patient pathway, with current research projects and technologies in the following areas:

Additionally, we conduct studies to measure, characterize, and model the electrical and electromagnetic properties of healthy and diseased biological tissues, as the foundation for these medical technologies.

  • health screening

  • detection

  • imaging

  • recovery monitoring

  • treatment tracking

  • decision-making

  • therapies

  • microwave radar

  • radio-frequency (RF) measurements

  • electrical impedance tomography

  • microwave ablation

Research Projects

We take a systems-oriented approach to device design, and typical projects often span from computational modelling studies to experimental benchtop studies with tissue-mimicking phantoms to clinical pilot studies. 
Example research areas:
  • ​antenna and array design
  • computational and experimental modelling 
  • tissue-mimicking phantom design and fabrication
  • interfacing with the human body
  • dielectric measurement and characterization of tissues
  • RF or microwave or impedance measurement system prototyping
  • safety analysis
  • metadata structures and reporting
  • signal post-processing
  • image reconstruction
  • machine learning
  • open-source data and algorithms
Example clinical areas:
  • skin lesion detection and differentiation
  • tumour and margin mapping 
  • bladder state detection
  • treatment of bone cancer metastases
  • treatment progression tracking
  • stroke detection and monitoring
  • wound and healing monitoring
  • post-surgery healing and reconstruction predictions
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